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Dave started working with coal 35 years ago doing forge work and MIG welding, apprenticing under some of the best instructors in both the US and Canada.

Moving from coal to propane, he started expanding to more art, building metal and woods tables, deck railing work, brackets for shelving and some smaller things, like horse shoe flowers.


The idea for a hand forged rock duck was born when a close family member passed on, who had several ducks that liked to follow him around in the yard. The first ducks were created to give to his wife and daughters in remembrance, which has now expanded and developed into more pieces.


This exciting venture could only have happened with the love, support and help from his family, and Dave is truly appreciative. He strives to continue to expand and develop his skills, while creating products that bring a smile to his client’s faces! He currently has pieces that have new homes all across the US, and even internationally- Canada, Australia and Germany.


Q:  Do you ship your items?


A: Not at this time, but we are working on it.

Come see us at our local shows, where you can hand pick your item, as they are all very unique and individualized.

Flowers 1
Flock a Ducks 2
Tools BW 2.jpg
Grind BW 1.jpg
Forge 1.jpg
BW Welding 1.jpg
Grind 2.jpg
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